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Thomas Jefferson

Franklin Roosevelt signs the Social Security Act


The Democratic Party is America's oldest political party. It began with Thomas Jefferson.

Who fought for seniors by creating Social Security and Medicare and who continues to fight today? In 1935, under President Roosevelt, DEMOCRATS passed the Social Security Act, providing pensions for retirement age workers, help for widows, orphans, and the disabled. In 1965, under President Johnson, the Medicare Bill guaranteed health insurance for those over 65. Republicans vigorously fought then and continue to fight this legislation today!

Who brought economic prosperity to Eastern Washington? DEMOCRATS! In 1933, President Roosevelt approved the Grand Coulee Dam/Columbia Basin project, providing affordable electricity and irrigation to over one million acres of unproductive desert lands.

Who passed the National Labor Relations Act, banning unfair labor practices, protecting decent wages, establishing safety conditions and collective bargaining? DEMOCRATS! Who continues to try to roll these back? Republicans!

Who expanded Head Start, the National Service Program, and the School-to-Work Apprenticeship Program for high school students? DEMOCRATS!
John F. Kennedy

Miss Liberty
Signing of the Declaration of Independence